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What the (insert your swearing word here) is VSync?

So, several games have the option of VSync, or Vertical Synchrony, or “Wait for Retrace” (the term used in Novashell editor options). I implemented that same option in the game yesterday, so, what it do, what is it for? Why … Continue reading

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Refactoring day

Refactoring is reworking old code, to make it better, and usually more organized… This was what I did today (yep, I work on Sunday too!), first, all levels I created manually the GUI on them, this was proving to be … Continue reading

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Fluid Grid

Today I spent the day introducing on the game a Fluid Grid, what is a Fluid Grid? Well, it is how some people decided to name grids that behave like “water”, see the video below to understand better. What is … Continue reading

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How to make your nice game trailer

If you are wondering how I made the nice trailer that is embedded here (if you want to see it in bigger resolution, the original is at: IndieDB and there are a HD version on Youtube), then this post is … Continue reading

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We have a new shiny blog!

Well, it is not shiny, it is really dark in fact, but I think you get it. So, what is this blog about? Well, this blog is about the development of all things inside Awesome Games Factory, since we just … Continue reading

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