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Visual Tutorial for clearer understanding.

Look at the image… As you can see, it shows (or tries to) how some things behave in the game, and what buttons to press to make a new ball (as you can see, I implemented other keys than numbers… … Continue reading

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Barrel level, server hiccup

First, while writing this post, I noticed the server was unstable… Seemly I’ve hit the monthly limit of traffic, and that is actually a good think, it shows that you people are reading my blog and visiting the site! I … Continue reading

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Big blocks.

I just finished making the new level 1 of the tutorial set. Previously, the level too long to finish when you did not knew about the game powers, since this is the first level on the tutorial, that is expected. … Continue reading

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Hello? Where are you?

Seemly I do have readers, and the most popular post in the blog is the “self interview” one. But why I am not making others? It is because noone is suggesting me a theme or asking me stuff! Common people, … Continue reading

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The new GUI layout is complete!

I finished the creation of the new GUI, and the resolution change. Here is a picture! (click on it to see full resolution) So, lets talk about GUI. First, what is GUI? GUI stands for Graphical User Interface. So, what … Continue reading

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New GUI will look cool!

You people though that I was never going to post again? No, like I said, I would post when I had free time, currently I have some minutes because the game is re-compiling, and this takes some time… So, while … Continue reading

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Ineffective marketing.

I spent a great deal of time trying to market the game, to attract people that would comment on the game and say if they like it or not. Unfortunately, this was mostly a waste of time, this blog has … Continue reading

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You hate bugs? We hate them too!

I launched prototype 1, 2, and 3, and never remembered to explicitly ask you people to actually, criticize them! That is what I came for, but just doing that, would not work, because… huh… Even if it worked, I wanted … Continue reading

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Self Interview 1: Shareware

Hello! I am starting today, on this post, a series named “Self Interview”, basically, I will interview myself! But there are some additional rule: YOU can interview me too! What you need to do, is send me an e-mail to … Continue reading

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We are on Facebook and on Irc!

Hello, this is more of a news post… First, about the forums, remain using the IndieDB ones, and the portuguese language ones will be made later. (or you can use orkut). We made a page on facebook: please, click … Continue reading

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