Campus Party is Over

Hello, I am back!

First, I like to say thanks to Mingamango who updated the blog while I was away.

Campus Party is over, it was great, and this post is a report to you people know what happened there. First thing, the cabinet attracted a lot of attention, this is a photo of before the event even started, where only workers (of all sorts, including media) were present, when the photo was taken (the guy in red is a journalist, the guy with a Paddle Wars t-shirt is me).

Having the game run for several hours non-stop made several bugs pop-up, and for the first time I could watch complete strangers play the game, and note their behavior, see what was wrong, and what was right, what worked, and what did not…

During the event I did 4 revisions of Beta 5 (which is the version in the cabinet, it is not available to the public, later I will release Beta 6 to everyone).

So, the changes from Beta 4 to Beta 5:

  • Added music to highscore (props to Skyrunner)
  • Fixed some bugs regarding buttons
  • Added tooltip box on the level set selection screen
  • Improved the background
  • Removed the ugly gradient on the HP bar.
  • Fixed the score font
  • Fixed the multiplier GUI
  • Made powercubes more translucent (to make the ball more distinguishable during hectic scenes)
  • Added a very basic “attract” mode (i.e: what happen when you don’t press a button on the title screen)
  • added a voice-over on the title-screen
  • Made an ‘arcade’ switch (can be used at home, but I won’t explain it now)

On the first revision I fixed some strings.

Changes from Beta 5 Rev 1 to Rev 2:

  • Fixed the level score counter not starting from 0.
  • Fixed some rare bugs of variables getting lost.
  • Fixed that you could “lose” after winning.
  • Made the grid color a bit more faint (so it don’t get in the way).
  • Raised the voice volume.
  • Several improvements on the high-score name screen.
  • Changed the points bonus when passing the last level.
  • Fixed the high-score screen showing up when there was no score to save.
  • Added information version to the title screen
  • Fixed some bugs (not all unfortunately) on the level 6 when you lose.
  • Changed the high-score screen to use mono spaced font for numbers (so you don’t confuse the amount of digits)

Changes in Rev 3:

  • Level 3 got reworked, it is now way easier (but still fun), and has new graphics.
  • Changed some collision boxes on level 6, to make it easier too.
  • Fixed more bugs related to variables disappearing.

Changes in Rev 4:
Fixed the last level collision box, so you don’t have objects “passing through” and going out of the screen forever.

I will take a while before releasing the next version, because I intend to skip Beta 5 entirely, and release Beta 6.

During Campus Party several people showed up, bugs showed up, and I had lots of fun working on the arcade, fixing it, and watching people smiling while playing, one particular guy was really interesting to the point that I borrowed someone else camera to take a photo of him.

The person in the photo is a 3 year old boy, he LOVED the game, and when he was playing no-one else would play… Also he was shorter than the controls, and used a chair, yet with all difficulties he would play over, and over, and over, and over… And he would only leave to grab popcorn (when he did that, other people would play :P )

Also I made a competition, anyone that hit first place in the scores (but at least 1 million points) would get a t-shirt. Two guys did it, and won t-shirts :D (btw: if anyone here make a youtube video of you playing the entire game and hitting more than 2.5 million points, I will send a t-shirt for you too! Keep in mind that after someone manage to do it, I will raise the score needed).

Also, as Mango wrote on his post, I made a twitcam, and we chatted a lot over twitter ^^ Later you people can suggest more twitcam subjects.

Also I got some offers of places to distribute the game. YAY!

So, that is it, follow the twitters (@agfgames and @criadordejogos) and play a bit more.

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