Forced in…

Well, Speeder nagged me to write this, so I guess there isn’t a choice. But he didn’t exactly say what I was supposed to be writing about, so…

Hello people, I’m Mingamango181, otherwise known as LawAndContradiction. I’m not known for much, but I do like to design and render things. I also do web coding, which is pretty much the only language that I’m proficient at.

I wasn’t one for making things entirely from scratch. Rather, I preferred to see if I could make objects or things that were suited for a very specific audience. In 2002 however, I had a strong inclination to learn how web pages were built. Reading through, I learnt how things were made up, and the way that tags worked to make the font like this, or that, and etc. I can’t remember what my first page looked like, but it probably had the resemblance of those geocities sites, except with much less.

I only started to make use of HTML properly in 2009, reading through the standards and learning about CSS. I was utilising it in one of my assignments on web development. It went rather well, and I am continuing to learn about it.

2010 was one of those years with the most change. I returned to AnyNowhere in February, my previous time just lurking and being trimmed after a while of inactivity. The year would have been pretty bland, if it weren’t for a certain situation which I couldn’t handle very well.

It was quite damaging, since nothing of the sort had ever occurred before. I withdrew to the corner, a dark corner. Thank goodness there was someone willing to help during a two week break. I was able to recover from it in time for the next wave of attacks.

I had heard about Paddle Wars: Hit The Wall in a post over at AnyNowhere, quite a while before the incident. I was interested, though then, I found it difficult to find the right words to use in my feedback. The closed Beta gave me a chance, to do more, and I took that opportunity.

Well, this post probably has more meaning than my introduction post at the forums. My own corner of the internet is located here. I am also using the one hundred and forty character service, which would be named ‘@contradicthelaw’.

I suppose what Speeder wanted me to promote was this: You can donate to the cause at 8-bit funding here. I’m not sure about why not promoting this older link though…

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