Hello all usual AGF Games readers, and those that read from Ludumdare Planet we are in trouble.

We spent lots of money on the arcade cabinet, that had only partial success, it worked to test the game, and improve it, but it totally failed to attract more attention.

We are now going bankrupt, without a product done, without any other source of income, and no donations, soon we will run out of money.

What will be done is: The game development will stop, and me (Mauricio/Speeder) will see if I can find a normal job (like, selling games in a GameStop).

But that can be prevented: We are accepting donations on 8-bit funding and we are looking for contracts (or a normal development job to Maurício).

So, if you need work done, any work that AGF Games can do, please, contact us at and we will see what can be done. You want your own Paddle Wars: Hit The Wall? Well, you can, just hire us.

So, hire us, or donate, and save Paddle Wars.

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  • Mingamango181

    I am quite saddened to hear of this news. I would think that your arcade cabinet would have attracted more attention than it did, since it’s such a well done game.

    If the development of Paddle Wars: Hit The Wall is to stop, I don’t think you need to worry too much about the community that you’ve made. Just don’t throw away AGF.

  • Ex. Garage developer

    “We spent lots of money on the arcade cabinet, We are now going bankrupt, without a product done, without any other source of income, and no donations, soon we will run out of money.”

    Oh my.

    It’s not about the company size. Every, I strongly underscore, every reasonable entrepreneurship, regardless of the size is based on profit. I fully support “garage dev. mentality” since I was born around it and still practice it as a hobby. Nevertheless you need to run extremely tight ship while in production, don’t ever solely rely on donations. You need to have your own capital a) to keep the development process alive b) to land on your feet in case everything fails. Nowadays the amount of yearly releases is overwhelming and people are ever so picky. They don’t actively look after your game, you reach them. I could not find any relevant data about your game(s), your Facebook page gives trivial postings about your doings and people who stumble there have no idea what’s it about.

    I know this will sound cold but I have seen quite a few 1-4 people entrepreneurship fall because the love and passion towards games blind them. The games were great but the competition in every sector is no joke. About 15 years ago I was 100% certain that if the game is absolutely brilliant it will sell and people will be viral about it. No.. only a small handful on games managed to pull that off within that time frame.

    Obviously this is a humbling learning process for you and I wish you nothing but the best of luck!

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