We got saved! Sort of…

Hello Awesome Games Factory fans and guests. I wrote some time ago, we were going bankrupt. The good thing is: AGF got not one, but TWO big clients (one is being handled by me, the other by the non-game person of the company, the one that helped me build the Arcade Cabinet). The bad thing is: Now noone is left to work on the games!

But we actually insist… Soon I will resume working on Paddle Wars, probably I will release beta 6, and then decide what to do next. Now we have SURPLUS money, this mean that I can hire a web designer to redo the crap site we have (anyone volunteer? Keep in mind that surplus money does not mean we are rich…)

Also I bought a Dingoo, so maybe I will make Dingoo games. And also I found something else, not related to games, but interesting, but that something else I will talk about it later.

Still want to help us in any way? Send your complaints, suggestions, ideas, questions for self-interview (I only stopped that series because noone send questions!) to agf@agfgames.com

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