Site development

Speeder may not have mentioned it here, so I guess I’ll be the one to tell you all…

I’ve been working on the new site for Paddle Wars, and it was about the middle of April that it was finally opened to the world, after much discussion and decision making with Speeder.

You can view it at

Of course, I’m still busily working with Speeder in order to make this site better for everyone that happens to visit. So why not list the changes since that version and the one I’m currently working on?

Changes made since 18th of April 2011 to 12th of May 2011:

  • Added additional button at the front page to download both the Windows and OS X builds of Paddle Wars
  • Optimised images with crushpng and png indexing to reduce file size dramatically (I’m not sure about how much…)
  • Added additional mirror link for the Windows build of Paddle Wars
  • Indicated on download page which links are the primary downloads and which ones are mirror sites
  • Removed extensive change log to only show the latest version, moving it over to a separate page
  • Corrected positioning of images in the media page, set to relative when it used to be absolute
  • Changed text and link colours to make them more distinct
  • The background has been lightened in order to provide contrast between background and content
  • Fixed incorrect dimensions of one of the images
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